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Proteus Down!!

Proteus, the 2nd Boss in Planebreaker Bastion has been defeated!!

Breaker X-1 "Onyx" Broken

The 1st Boss in Infinity Gate Defeated!!

Regulos Down!

Endless Eclipse FINALLY CLEARED!!

EggTenders Scrambled!!

1st Boss in Planebreaker Bastion Slain!!
Welcome to Order of Darkstar!
Welcome to our website, we are a Level 24 Guild on the US Wolfsbane Shard.

We are made up of dedicated players who are valued for a diversity of play styles and experiences. Thanks to the talents and efforts of our members, we enjoy a variety of in-game experiences like high-end raid content and progression, PvP Warfronts and zone rift skirmishes, dungeon-running, crafting, and much more!

Our members are our greatest asset—every Guildmate is committed to excellence, both in character and in gameplay, and work towards experiencing bigger and badder game content without sacrificing real-life family, friends, or responsibilities. We are mostly comprised of mature adults over the age of 21, and all our members effectively balance their gaming time with real-life responsibilities--all have families and children, work responsibilities, and other real life priorities to consider.

Because of this constant balance, we progress at a casual rate, and we all play the game to enjoy the time away from real-life pressures, not to compete and race for top gear and accolades. As such, we take much longer to progress in raiding, we take longer to gear our characters, but we do it on our own terms without losing sight of the bigger picture of real-life.

We are not a hardcore raid progression guild--it is a casual guild that raid progresses on our own terms and pace. We are not gear driven. We are not pushing for hardcore raid speed and intensity. We are a "family" of people, not inanimate toons--it is a guild built to maintain lasting bonds and not temporary ones.

Raid times are currently Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and 10-Mans on Tuesdays with 9:00PM EST start times.

From the old content we cleared, Gilded Prophecy, Drowned Halls, Rise of the Phoenix, Primeval Feast, Greenscale's Blight, River of Souls, and Hammerknell. We never did finish Infernal Dawn (5/8), but we plan to someday just so we can say we did it!

In the new Storm Legion Expansion, we've completed Triumph of the Dragon Queen, Frozen Tempest, and Endless Eclipse. We're still progressing through Grim Awakening (2/4), Planebreaker Bastion (2/5), and Infinity Gate (1/3).

If you'd like to see our Progression through the years, please click Guild Progression to see more.

At this time we are Recruiting. if you're interested in joining, please click Apply at the top right corner of this page to submit an application!
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*** Tollwutig and Mackentod ***


*** Knockemdead and Phaltless ***
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by Azoran on Sep 05, 2014 at 09:59 AM

Proteus, the 2nd Boss in Planebreaker Bastion has been defeated!

Once we figured out the balance of who will be doing AoE and ST, it was just a matter of getting crystals out of the Raid and making sure the Constructs didn't get out of hand. It was also nice to see that on our first kill, no one got caught by Proteus and devoured!

I want to point out that after the post I made the other day about our focus towards Rift 3.0, we saw SEVERAL of you really step up your DPS. Trust me, it didn't go unnoticed

Everyone did a really good job sticking through the constant wipes and learning curve of this fight.

Up next ... Mordan & Viktus

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